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The World has become a global village – thanks to the internet. However, as the internet has made it easy to market products and services for businesses, the competition has also increased by many folds. This is where Search Engine Optimisation becomes useful. It helps businesses skip the competition and rank faster on search engines.

A lot of things go behind successfully ranking a website on Search Engines. From the knowledge of marketing strategies to SEO, we have aced it all since the past 15 years. We can use our expertise of SEO to get your site ranked higher on search engines to drive more traffic and sales.

Fun Fact: More than 5 BILLION Google Searches happen per day!

Given the massive competition in ranking organically, don’t get overwhelmed by the numbers. All you require is an effective SEO strategy to leave your competitors behind.

We have done it before, and we will do it for you. We make good use of our SEO Expertise combined with industry-grade Keyword Research & Analytics tools to rank your site on search engines.


SEO is often seen as complicated practice. But worry not, we’ve broken it down to ten steps to make you understand it better:
Discussing what the Client wants to achieve & specifying the Target Audience

We sit with the client and discuss their goals and roadblocks in growing their business. Building upon this information, we specify their target audience.

Site Inspection

We do an in-depth inspection of the client’s site. We carry out the Security, Content and Technical Audit and highlight the areas of improvement that are stopping your site from ranking on Search Engines. This introductory scan lays the foundation for further steps in the process.

Competition Study

We study who your competitors are using our spying tools. We understand what they are doing right. This helps us draft a better strategy to outrank them.

Keyword Research

We do in-depth keyword research to come up with keywords that have high search volume and low competition in your industry. We’re experts in Keyword Research.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword Research is one thing; their correct placement in the website is a different ball-game altogether. We place the keywords on the appropriate pages and create new ones if required.

On-Page Optimisation

We optimise your web pages with the correct Keyword density, place the right tags and write the apt Meta Description. All these on-page Seo practices boost your site’s ranking in SERP.

Content Development

We create plagiarism-free content that search engines love. Our unique content is also geared towards providing value to readers.


Backlinks represent your site’s authority in the eyes of Search Engines. We use manual outreach to get links with high authority blogs to build your site’s credibility and create a clean backlink profile.

Comprehensive Progress Reports

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with SEO efforts. We understand this, that’s why we focus on preparing detailed reports of various SEO campaigns. We analyse thoroughly and plan accordingly to get the desired results.

Strategy Improvements

SEO strategies aren’t evergreen as they become ineffective with the frequent algorithm updates of Search Engines. We keep tweaking our strategies to be abreast with the latest algorithm updates and stay on top of the game.



Any SEO Strategy that isn’t custom-created is probably not going to reap benefits for your Business.

Our process is simple yet effective. We don’t believe in giving the same strategy to every client just because it’s SEO and it requires a website. Though the platforms can be the same, the goals and expectations are always different.

We have been into the SEO field since the last 10 years. We have seen the algorithm changes to the dynamic trends in Digital Marketing. So there is no shortage of experience or skilled professionals to get the job done for you. We mix that by understanding your expectations and what you want to achieve. Based on this information, we create an effective SEO strategy that best suits your requirements.

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    Every Business caters to a different audience and has different goals. So, the SEO strategies for Businesses differ as well. We discuss the Client’s goals and expectations beforehand to come up with a custom strategy geared towards achieving the discussed goals. An effective SEO strategy involves a group of practices that need to be implemented together to drives more traffic and turn your visitors into paying customers. 

    We have a decade long of SEO experience and a healthy portfolio of happy clients. At Smegoweb, we know how to do keyword research, create unique content, analyse the competitors, build Backlinks and generate in-depth reports to get your site ranked quicker.


    Only websites with proper functionalities rank higher in search engines. We understand this. That is why, the SEO Site experts at Smegoweb keep scanning your website via proven techniques to identify any problems – small or big, that can hamper its ranking and correct them.


    We monitor the competitors closely. We note what they’re doing right and also try to identify their weaknesses. Using our inputs, we prepare detailed reports that mention all the activities of the competitors. Once we know your competitor’s weaknesses, we outline a strategy to outrank them.


    Content is King in SEO. Creating unique and interactive content engages the traffic which the Search Engines love and rank your other pages as well. Our expert content creation team creates various content like Articles, Newsletters and e-books to engage the web-traffic.


    The site traffic often fluctuates with the frequent algorithm changes of the search engines. Our DWS SEO specialists are always on the lookout for such changes and monitor the site traffic vigilantly. They ensure that the on-page optimisation is done right to maintain the site traffic.


    Backlinks are like votes to Search Engines, telling them that your site is credible and deserves higher rankings. So, the more Backlinks, the better. Our pro outreach team gets high-authority backlinks using various White-Hat methods to build your site’s authority.  


    At Smegoweb, we believe in absolute transparency of the process. Moreover, we let you see the plans translating into reality as your website grows. Having said that, our weekly, monthly, and annual reports include all the details of the campaigns. It hights what worked and what didn’t, and steps to take going forward.



    We understand the project and proceed only if we’re sure that we can deliver the results.

    Smegoweb believes in establishing and sustaining long-lasting relationships with our clients. Their satisfaction matters the most to us.


    What’s Our Mantra?

  • 01

    In our first discussion, we understand your business - its nature and identify challenges in its growth. We try to understand your goals (short and long term). We also discuss your competitors and your expectations of us.

  • 02

    We define an achievable target based on your goals that can be achieved in the said time.

  • 03

    We devise and execute an effective SEO strategy entirely meant for YOU.


    SMEGOWEB has partnered with some of the leading marketing agencies to make remarkable things happen.

    We have partnered with leading marketing agencies around the globe to create something remarkable together.


    Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions

    Over 5 billion searches per day happen on Google alone. The World is an Ocean of problems, and search engines (especially Google) are the ferries that fetch them solutions regarding various products, services or problems. 

    Leaving out SEO from your marketing efforts would mean missing out on thousands of web-visitors who can be easily converted to paying customers.

    There are two SEO methods:

    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO

    The SEO practices that are carried out on the website for quick indexing & crawling is called on-page SEO. Similarly, SEO activities that are done outside the main website are called Off-page SEO. We have listed a few of the most crucial on-page & off-page SEO activities:

    On-page Optimisation:

    • Page speed optimization
    • Meta tags optimization
    • Title optimization
    • Unique content
    • Image optimization


    • Link building
    • Guest posting
    • Content distribution
    • Press release

    No website design process is complete without proper SEO optimization. We ensure that your website’s SEO is on point by creating responsive web pages on SEO friendly platforms like Magento and WordPress. Different platforms offer different functionalities; we pick the one that best suit your requirements. 

    For example, WordPress is best suited to create Blog websites that rank via in-depth articles. At the same time, Magento or Shopify are best suited to create and scale e-commerce websites. 

    Other popular SEO friendly website development platforms that we may use according to your needs:

    • Wix
    • Joomla
    • Squarespace

    Almost every Business from various industry needs lead generation to generate revenue. SEO can be the best way to do that. If you don’t know about SEO or don’t have a team, getting an SEO Agency to do your SEO is the ideal way to go. 

    As SEO and other Digital Marketing Services are needed by Businesses from various Industry, we cater to almost any business that is looking to grow via SEO.

    Proper SEO is required to rank your website on Google’s first page. Many businesses aren’t aware of the best SEO practices and struggle to rank their websites on Google. This is where an SEO agency comes into the picture. It takes care of all your SEO tasks. It owns the responsibility of ranking your website’s important pages on Google and other search engines. By doing so, it paves way to more website traffic that you can convert into leads and ultimately customers via engaging landing pages. Always go with an SEO agency that can develop a custom SEO strategy to achieve the goals, just like Smegoweb.

    A good SEO agency knows how to rank your website’s important pages legitimately on Search Engines. Moreover, it creates custom plans for you rather than a generic plan that it gives to every business. Here’s what to look for while hiring an SEO agency:

    • They practice what they preach
    • Easily available
    • Fully committed to your project
    • Their Reviews are good
    • They are innovative in their approach
    • Budget-Friendly
    • Good Customer Support
    • Background and experience

    Smegoweb all these and more.

    SEO is a practice of ranking your website on the first search result pages on various Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc. However, just because a webpage isn’t ranking on the top 3 doesn’t mean it won’t get the traction. The main difference is exposure. If your site ranks on the first spot on the first page, it will get the maximum traffic and brand exposure. 

    So, if you own a business, you need SEO for your brand’s exposure. You can connect with us for your SEO requirements. We are experts in SEO services and would be glad to help you.

    Any search engine can be seen as a big library that houses millions of websites under various categories (Health, Finance, Sports) etc. When a person searches with a phrase (also known as a keyword) in the search bar, the algorithms of these search engines match the user’s query with the matching webpages in its library. Based on certain factors, the algorithms show the most relevant webpage results (those who have properly SEO optimised their site) so that the end-user is fully satisfied with the search result, increasing his/her trust on that Search Engine to search more. 

    Your SEO agency will clearly define your Businesses’ target audience after understanding your business. Then it will do keyword research and other SEO practices accordingly to tap the right audience. This is how you’ll get more website visitors and potential customers via SEO.


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