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    Setting up a PPC campaign without research is like throwing money in a pit. Nothing good will come out of it. When you are using your hard-earned money to earn qualified leads, we make sure you get maximum returns. Our PPC team uses top analytics tools to gather relevant insights into your target audience, competition and targeted keywords to make sure your dollars return the value you expect.

    PPC gives you instant visibility, as well as the ability to reach the right people at the right time. However, it’s not something that you set and forget. PPC marketing is an ongoing process where our team will analyze results periodically and make necessary tweaks to ensure your PPC campaigns are running optimally.


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    70% of website traffic comes from search engines. Not surprising though. But what actually surprising is, most businesses undermine the importance of choosing the right keyword, knowing that the keyword is the biggest vehicle that moves rankings. 

    So let’s get you high-converting traffic with

    • Google Search Ad Management
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    • Google Shopping Ads Management
    • Youtube Ads Management
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    LinkedIn is a proven platform for B2B marketing success. While organizations are working hard and jostling around on LinkedIn to get business, you can get ahead quickly by leveraging laser-targeted LinkedIn ads. 

    Let’s get you started with

    • Text Ads
    • Sponsored Content
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    People often let their walls down while browsing Facebook, opening an intimate, more personal communication channel for businesses. Let’s set up your Facebook ads using Facebook Pixel that targets prospects who are highly likely to buy from you.

    Let’s get you started with:

    • Facebook Ads Management
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    Using the right knowledge and analytics, our PPC experts will target prospects that are eager to buy from you. And rest assured that your ROI is continuously monitored and improved.


    Contrary to the common belief among businesses, PPC ads don’t guarantee success just because you are rolling out money. You can’t expect profits by investing in bad stocks. Similarly, PPC ads work only when your dollar rides on the right keyword, towards the right people. After extensive research and strategic PPC development, we put money where our mouth is.


    Alone, one can only go so far. In order to get the most out of your ad campaigns, we are happy to collaborate with your in-house marketing team and multiply results with our combined strengths. Or, you can simply focus on what you do best while we craft and execute your PPC campaigns.


    Choosing the right keyword is key to striking a balance between cost and returns. We spend the time to figure out what is being looked up online by people that matter to your business. And then we research some more to identify keywords that will bring you maximum leads.


    PPC is all about stretching your dollar to get maximum juice, but it’s an ongoing process. Our PPC experts are always monitoring the performance of your ads and making improvements based on short-term outcomes, to give you long-term success.


    PPC campaigns should evolve with the changing markets. That’s why we are committing to executing and refining your PPC strategy to ensure measurable results while you remain focused on your business’ core operations.


    PPC, when combined with other marketing strategies, can accelerate your growth many times over. Based on your industry, target audience and marketing objectives, we will integrate other traffic strategies to give you maximum returns.





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    Are you considering to hire a PPC advertising agency for your business? If so, you might have questions that only experts can answer. Smile, because we heard you. Here we are answering some of the FAQs that will help you gain clarity on PPC advertising and make an informed decision.

    A PPC Management Service like Smegoweb specializes in providing fully managed PPC advertising, from preparing strategies to implementation and ongoing optimization. We have years of experience in delivering success through PPC ads – crafted for leading search engines and social media channels. 

    To begin with, we will sit down to understand your conversion goals and decide the PPC bid that will ensure maximum ROI. We create crisp and compelling ads in-house, which are then implemented using valuable insights obtained by our premium PPC tools. We can also create a dedicated landing page where your prospects will land after clicking on your ad. This is a crucial cog in the wheel because your landing page determines the rate of conversion. 

    But this is not where it ends. With ongoing A/B testing, we determine what works and what does not. Based on these findings, we will tweak and align your ad campaigns with your conversion goals.

    PPC advertising follows success into various platforms, which means you have several ad types to choose from. Read on to learn more.

    Paid Search Marketing: These ads appear at the top of the search result page as the user enters a keyword query. Clicking on this ad takes the user to the intended landing page where the sale takes place.

    Display Advertising: This includes creating ads in the form of text, banner and image. These ads appear on a website and are shown to people based on their browsing behaviour and interests. 

    Social Media Advertising: Social media is all over the Internet. These platforms capture a large chunk of your target audience, making these key to your PPC success. The ads will be displayed based on the users’ interest, previous searches and several other metrics.

    Retargeting Advertising: This type of PPC campaign is geared towards users who clicked on your previous ads but did not convert. Based on where the target prospect is in the sales funnel, retargeting ads are strategically placed to persuade your prospect into buying from you.

    Before you invest in a PPC campaign, you deserve to know its exclusive benefits and where your marketing endeavours stand with and without it. To let you in on this, we have summed up several PPC benefits for you.

    • You get what you pay for : Unlike organic marketing, your website won’t be bombarded with meaningless impressions and uninterested prospects. Well-crafted and optimised PPC campaigns drive traffic that is most likely to convert. This gives you the highest ROI.
    • Instant Results :  You don’t have to wait for months to see your marketing dollar generating returns. PPC ads start paying dividends as soon as they go live. So, if it’s a festive season, and you need qualified leads instantly, PPC is your best bet.
    • Qualified Leads  : PPC ads give a gentle nudge to the prospects who are at the end of the conversion funnel. Prospects reaching you through PPC ads are more likely to convert than otherwise.
    • Use the data from PPC Campaigns to Boost SEO Objectives  : The results from your PPC campaigns can provide you with valuable insights to strengthen your SEO front and build your online presence organically. 
    • PPC Ads Results Defy Algorithm Updates : Did Google roll out a new update? Your ongoing PPC ad campaign remains unfazed by any changes in Google’s algorithm. It’ll be as strong and effective as it was intended to be.

    A little digression from the topic, but let’s understand the concept this way. The vastness of the online marketplace has got customers convinced that just about everything, be it a product or service, is available on the Internet. Regardless of your industry, there’s a whole bunch of prospects scouting the web for things that you offer. And when they come looking for you, it’s your duty to help them find you with ease. PPC ads do that for you. 

    Brand Awareness: When you are launching your new brand, getting off the ground can take a lot of effort. If you want to skip the hustle and instantly get your brand out in the front, PPC advertising is your best bet. 

    Get qualified leads: With laser-targeted PPC campaigns, you can reach people who are eager to do business with you. More qualified leads means a better conversion rate and thus, higher revenue.

    Increase website traffic: It is difficult for new websites to drive traffic. PPC paves the way for qualified leads to your website so that you can start generating revenue from the get-go. You can choose where you want to promote your website, for which keywords and for how long.

    Digital platforms like Google and Facebook have millions of active users across the world, creating an opportunity for businesses to find the right exposure and success with their target audience. By investing in PPC ads, you can pull all stops and reach people who are highly likely to buy from you.

    These platforms allow you to run your ads for a certain amount of money. You pay a predetermined amount every time someone clicks on the ad and reaches your website. The best part is, you will not be charged for impressions on the ad. No clicks, you don’t pay a dime.

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