An important tactic for online business is SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEM entails Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid listings (eg, Adwords, Google local listings) and other search-engine related services.

While each of these have their own importance, the baseline remains in the fact that in order to have your business grow and attain heights, it is necessary for you to promote your website in a way that not only do you get maximum customer-base in the shortest span of time, but also for the longest time period possible.

At SMEGOWEB, we present to you a wide range of search engine marketing methodologies that have proven records. Irrespective of whether you run a small business or own a multi-national company, we are the expert at optimizing your business’s ranking on search engine result pages, both through paid and non-paid mediums. Not just this, our all methodologies are easily measurable and give you a holistic view of how your product or service is likely to perform in the near future. This gives you real-time understanding of your product or service, and helps you reach a larger audience by minimal spending.

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Data Collection

Data Collection

Personalisation of The Web Experience

Personalisation of The Web Experience

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An important and organic tool of SEM is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From ensuring that your site is easily accessible by various search engines to improving your site’s chances of being displayed in a search engine result page, that too at a high-ranking position; SEO is the ultimate key to everything.

Choosing the right SEO firm for your business is extremely important. Also, gone are the days when business owners could manage optimization of their sites on their own. In today’s time, your knowledge about SEO tactics is nothing significant without your hands-on experience of it.

At SMEGOWEB, we offer you a strikingly different SEO experience. Our entire team consists of qualified SEO experts who have worked on multi-niche products and services, and hence have sound understanding of the who’s who of SEO tactics, esp. keyword analysis and optimization.

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Pay Per Click

Unlike SEO, Paid Search Advertising (PSA) is about increasing traffic flow to a website by placing ads on search engines. The most well-known approach under PSA is Pay Per Click (PPC) and the most popular tool used for PPC is Google Adwords that lets you put your ads on Google and partner network.

Similar to SEO, it is imperative for you to wisely pick the best-suited online marketing agency for your business for PPC. In a bid to save a few bucks by hiring a relatively inexperienced online agency can actually reverse the impact on campaign goals and make your business suffer. On the other side, picking the one that has proven its mettle in the business can help you gain significantly.

At SMEGOWEB, we have an experienced team of PPC experts who are well-versed with the PPC tactics and have a strong understanding of how various companies from different sectors are leveraging the PPC approach for benefiting their businesses. This means, assured gain for your business!

Want to know how we, at SMEGOWEB, can help you set up PPC for your business? Speak to our team!

Link Building

Most search engines follow some form of link popularity in their ranking algorithms while determining a website’s ranking, popularity and relevance. Hence, link building is a crucial step that can actually get a business its well-deserved worth.

While most other companies may charge you for the link building process, SMEGOWEB is one among the many SEO companies, which stand different on this aspect. Our package pricing is inclusive of link building because we believe that without an end-to-end back link strategy, your site won’t have ranking for important keywords the way it should.

At SMEGOWEB, we have a team of SEM experts who have strong knowledge of link building without any black-hat SEO practices. We lay strong focus on creating quality content and have a quality team that works with precision on ensuring that the targeted keyword anchor text is in the website’s content. Also, we do not buy links and rather build them internally at page-level; thereby, targeting services and categories separately.

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Content is KING; and when used aptly, it can help your business grow king-size! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a lot to do with quality content; hence, it is necessary that the content on a website is wisely written instead of being keyword stuffed or plagiarized. Better the quality of content in terms of its originality and flow, better the chances of a website to rank at a high position on search engine result pages.

Our team of experienced copywriters is based out of our US (Miami, Florida) office. They have compound experience in writing multi-lingual content to suit the needs of clients across the globe. Best part about the SMEGOWEB team is that our entire process – starting from subject research to content drafting, to quality proofing and finally content delivery –is integrated and thorough. This gives us an edge over others in the market, and this is precisely why our clients love to stick to our copywriting services owing to our non-plagiarized and intelligently written content.

Want to know how we go about the entire process so seamlessly? Speak to our team!

Reputation Management

With the rise of internet, a lot of good and bad things have taken birth. While the good ones add worth to your life and business, the bad ones tarnish your reputation to an extent that is beyond repair. Worst part is that neither can you identify the people who cause the bad ones nor can you spot them on a map.

The concept of reputation management has gained a lot of value in the 21st century, across businesses of all sizes and variations. Reputation managers, who are typically part-time PR specialists, part-time tech experts, work towards monitoring the online reputation of your business. Their work is two-fold; to address content that is potentially damaging to your site, and to use customer feedback mechanisms to get early warning signals to reputation problems.

At SMEGOWEB, we have an expert team of Reputation managers, who specialize in practicing ethical forms of reputation management. Our experts have hands-on experience of dealing with such situations and bring to the table an expertise that is beyond comparison.

Wish to understand how we can help your business benefit through reputation management? Speak to our team!


Are you planning on purchasing a website but not sure whether everything the seller is telling you is legitimate? You don’t want to get scammed into buying a website that’s not worth the money, right? It’s for this reason SMEGOWEB is proud to announce a new service for people trying to avoid fraud and scams when purchasing websites.

We at SMEGOWEB have extensive experience in purchasing websites worth over millions of dollars. We have further developed these websites to become top ranking sites in their respective niches. We have worked with over 10 web portals that have an Alexa Rank of below 30K and provided results each time. We have also rejected hundreds of partnership opportunities because their websites were scam or spam sites and did not meet our standards.


Business studies have proven that the attention span of today’s customers is very low, hence one needs to deploy smart ways to be able to first win and then retain the customer’s attention towards a product or service. A smart way to steal your potential customers’ attention is to show them a dynamic visual of your offerings, i.e. your product or service.

Video Search Engine Optimization is an effective way to promote business videos on top of the search engine result pages. Through Video Optimization, not only does the quantum of distinct visitors to your website increase, but along with, it also leads to an increase in brand awareness and strengthens the brand positioning vis-à-vis the competitors.

At SMEGOWEB, we offer you video optimization services on world-popular video platforms, including Google, Facebook and Youtube. The international reach that we have through our various offices strategically placed throughout the globe and the very fact that we employ experts in virtually all niches within internet marketing is a key differentiator of our expertise.

Want to know in detail about how video optimization can benefit your business? Speak to our team!


Google, being the world’s most popular and most used search engine, is the place to have your online presence. While through Search Engine Optimization, you can have your business website’s ranking go up; through Google Place Optimization, you can strengthen your local presence. Both of these serve to enhance your presence on the Google search engine with the only difference of reach and visibility.

Google Local Listings, as popularly termed, is an effective tool that aims at marketing your business in a local area where your offerings are existent. Through these listings, you can connect directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.

At SMEGOWEB, our team of Search Engine Marketing experts specializes in promoting your business through listings on Google and partner network, regardless of whether you run a small business or own a multi-national company. Not just this, our team is also best at optimizing the same for your business so that you can benefit the maximum.

Want to know how your business’s listing on google can benefit your business? Speak to our team!


Undoubtedly, your website design represents the face of your offering, i.e. your product or service. Hence, having a well designed website is the first thing that you may focus on, being a business owner. However, as a matter of fact, there are many other aspects related to a website that need attention in detail other than the aesthetics, for example, if your website is optimized or not.

When a website and its various pages are crawled and indexed by Google, it happens that due to some coding misses or otherwise, some pages on your website are either not discoverable by Google crawler or they have not been developed as per the Google Webmaster tool. In such a situation, the number of pages indexed by Google crawler reduces; hence, leading to situations, like re-directs or page not found.

At SMEGOWEB, we offer you a comprehensive error analysis & report service, whereby your website gets diagnosed of the errors or misses that can have a bad impact on your business. Not just this, we also serve you to correct all such misses or errors on your website, if you don’t have your own developer or don’t know whom to approach. Our team’s expertise in website optimization is much beyond comparison.

Want to understand why website optimization is so important? Speak to our team!


When you do business online, it becomes important for your business to have more active visitors than the passive ones. After all, that’s what you spend money for. However, this entire process of figuring out what visitors are looking for when they visit your site and then ensuring that they get the same, is a multi-stepped one, and can be precisely termed as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

But why CRO? Because of a few reasons:

  • Most online businesses spend money in one way or the other to get traffic to their site and thus the conversion rate has a direct impact on the return on investment (ROI). Better the former, more the latter. Hence, CRO!
  • Business studies have proven that it is better and cost-effective to convert the existing visitors to your site into customers than to attract new visitors. CRO uses analytics and visitor feedback to improve the performance of your website; hence, the likelihood of a visitor converting into customer strengthens.
  • The trick doesn’t end at giving your visitors what they are looking for when they visit your site. What is also important is how soon does a visitor get it before he gets tired looking for it and moves on. CR optimization helps defend the limited attention span of an average visitor and uses methodologies that give your business an edge over your competitors on this aspect.
  • Best of everything, it essentially helps maximize profits! This means neither are you spending more to get increased traffic to your site nor are you paying even a penny extra to acquire more conversions, but in the end, due to optimization of the existing traffic on your site, you are able to earn beyond expectations.

There are a few other reasons that will instill your faith in this amazing tool. Speak to our team to understand in detail how CRO can benefit your business!

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